Rip-Off Report

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  1. Rip-Off Report

    This is the rip off report for BlackHatNinjas VPS. If you have been ripped off by BHN Please post in this thread your experience with them. I have collected as much PUBLIC information I can about the owner of BHN and his business of Illuminati Enterprises. He has conned 100's of people out of money.

    Other Websites He Owns:
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    Illuminati Enterprises, Seattle, WA

    Google Cache:
    Illuminati Enterprises, Seattle, WA

    Illuminati Enterprises
    Brandon Kastning
    1517 NE 123RD ST
    Seattle WA,98125

    PO BOX:
    14150 NE 20th St
    Bellevue, WA 98007


    Check out
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    It is ran by old mods that he ripped off. likes this.
  2. I bought a VPS for 99$ for one year, and 3 days later, when he saw my account here, he banned me from VPS without refund.

    I lost 99$ to this bastard. likes this.
  3. Sudo, I know you being Ripped off by BHN, may I ask what happened? Last year I signed up there and you was an admin there and than suddenly disappeared. Now you have your own forum which is growing strong, so whats your story? How did DN rip you? likes this.
  4. Most people know my story. I was the co-owner of BHN at one time. Near the end DN lost sight of why we started the forum. He turned into a money hungry asshole that treated our members like shit. He was gone week at a time leaving empires and I to run the VPS and the forum with no compensation so he could smoke and drink. I had known Brandon for almost 10 years, same with sony... And we both thought he had changed.. He had ripped us off in the past and this was just another typical business deal for him. He gets the help to setup the business then "FIRES" everyone and takes control and runs it into the ground. This is just a small sum up. But i would not advise anyone to do business with him. You will end up getting burnt. He is a paranoid narcissistic prick who can not handle criticism or release any control. Not someones you can do business with. likes this.
  5. I paid for the annual BHN VPS last year around summer. It never worked correctly during my time in the forum. We were supposed to get a new 12 month access when it was fixed. Then the split happened. My account was cancelled when he saw my account here. likes this.
  6. heavy sh*t :( likes this.
  7. @ the admin i thought i had seen you some where before mate, i'm glad you left BHN and those pricks.
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  8. I use to be a very active member on BHN...Met some cool people who I still work with and JV with from time to time. Ive been to many forums but I decided to call BHN my home. However It came to bite me in the Arse. I can truly say I've never been ripped off in all my years online. I tend to research the hell out of shit before I take the plunge. However I trusted the BHN as many of my friends did.
    I got the VPS like many of you did. Never really worked for more than two days at a time. I emailed many of days with no response.
    Than once the servers where back "up" I got word and finally found out I was permanently banned because i visited BHS.

    First off I'm a grown azz man. If I choose to visit its my business. I paid The prick for a service and I was suppose to get it period!!!
    I could give a fck if SUDO fckd his sister. It didn't have anything to do with me. So he tried to get internet gangsta over email.
    Anyways Karma is a bitch. Be careful who u screw over. You just never know. You might mess with the wrong person one day Mr. Kastning! likes this.
  9. Same experience here... Digital-Ninja or brandon is really s*u*c*k*s he banned me from VPS for no reason....I lost $200, i bought a VPS for one year!! I only use the service less than 4 months. Note: (The server always down) likes this.
  10. yep i was banned after i paid and he saw me here. likes this.
  11. I didn't see ANYTHING about BHN for what seemed a year, although it was probably more like 4 months... and then, all of a sudden I see a request for money $150 vs. $750 for some VPS or deskTop stuff!! This is the FIRST I have seen, as I believe that this is the SECOND name change [not the first]. So I tried the new DN and my old User/Pass and I'm in,,,, but all this *STUFF* going on?! and "birds of a feather", etc. Truthfully I didn't know what happened to BHN for the longest -- I was truthfully LIKING BHN A LOT -- not having to be part of the SpEcIaL eLiTe at BHW in order to get better info "cookie stuff", etc. I'm finally back online HERE and will give things a rest before I jump into anything BIG Or small. likes this.
  12. HA! DN blaming BHS attacking DDos on their server. likes this.
  13. LOL that is some funny shit.. He just wants sympathy.... likes this.
  14. For this comment from today I have been banned from BHN forever. What a shit. I did not speak a lie. That comments was on their chatbox and by DN. He does not have a single tolerance of a rational human being. Probably a rabid dog has better tolerances than him. I was an active member on that forum and quite old that probably SUDO can remember.

    Then goodbye BHN and DN, I know you will be informed or see yourself this message and go on do this deed and very soon your forum will be member less and I swear, I will do as much harm possible to your forum, I will go to my last capacity. likes this.
  15. He is now acting like BHS and threatening other forums saying that BHS is going to DDoS them... What a weak pathetic little man... likes this.
  16. mohitjmehta Turncoat

    DN is crap. when i join BHS and sudo make me first mod as per my knowledge. after abt 15-20 days i got mails from DN that leave BHS and join BHN we make you something elite super mod or whatever ,so its totally cleared that he is now fears with progress of BHS in comparison of BHN.
    not only that he have to send mass PM to all his members to buy VPS, and giving away funny coupon codes.
    and we have waiting list of over 100 peoples for VPS. so its all about ethics .if you don't cheat your users they wont leave your forum!
  17. Hey dudes, sorry about your getting ripped off by blackhatninjas, I was getting those emails for a long time before I got pissed and marked as spam. Anyway, I have a VPS that runs SENUKE X and Scrapebox with autoapprove lists updated weekly.

    feel free to use my affiliate link if you think i helped ya :) likes this.
  18. mohitjmehta Turncoat

    just a good video from our friend likes this.
  19. HA HA it's pretty bad that someone would have all this done to them!!!

    He won't last long online.

    I also got banned and have no idea why. Probably from seeing a thread here who knows.

    I have someone I'm doing a JV right now with and he just got a email from him, well to all that is still on his 'Good' side.

    I wish I had it. It totally proves what a lunatic he really is.

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  20. Seems he hates anyone who is a member here.. you get banned for no reason.

    So, here's a reason... he's a complete dumbass/shitbag/fuckwit who will discover how karma works. and sudochop like this.

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