Crack Request Pic Basic Pro 3

Discussion in 'Crack Requests' started by EMBEDDED PIRATE, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. hi im after the master coder to provide a crack for picbasic pro 3 it is a full featured trial that times out after 14 days or so would be much appreciated

    installer download
  2. Here you go:
    Sorry you need to register/login to see this BBcode !
    This file gets installed into the system32 folder. After replacing the original with cracked version, register offline with any activation key.
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  3. I bow to the master thanking you good sir you have ended much frustration for me
  4. ==SOLVED==bayfiles link doesn't respond anymore. would it be possible to get .ocx file by a different way? thnx, vladdy.
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  5. hi the crack worked great thanx but after the first program restart it sets as student version and limits the prosessor target selection to two could you please force it to stay full featured
  6. please help i cant get the .ocx file. can anyone email it to me at glennsangalang_email at
  7. You might want to look into this.
  8. the above link of pic basic pro is not working
  9. my pic basic pro is not working
  10. .ocx can be searched from google and downloaded
  11. I was looking for this too, thanks
  12. I confirm, the functionality is limited to only two Microcontrollers. You can fix it for good. Thank you. Picture.jpg

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