Custom Footprints for Dofollow links

Discussion in 'SweetFunnys SCRAPEBOX' started by bubba1356, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    Wanted to ask what custom footprints people are using to find dofollow comments. I'm using "this site uses keywordluv" and selecting blogengine filter.

    Any other footprints I should know about?
  2. -nofollow

    Anyways they can use <a rel="external"> before your backlinks and become in nofollow so i recommend using the scrapebox add on for detect it.
  3. Ok, but what is the difference between nofollow and external nofollow. are these two attributes different for google? In fact, both tell that the bot might not follow links. And if it is internal or external, or without any declaration, it doesn't matter. Or am I wrong?
  4. it's pretty the same for google, both say "hey big G i dont want to count the next for my PR".

    i dont like to use the query "-rel="external"" because idk if they block another link but not mine.

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