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    DorkTools Version 5.0 is a simple program to search anything in internet using google query.
    Bulid with Ms. Visual Basic 6.0. This program is very cool to search anything in google without open Google site.

    Whats New
    - Result more cool
    - No need Mscomctl.OCX
    - List result more wide than before

    note :
    - If you got --Runtime error '339' a file missing or invalid for ocx files--
    thts means your OS dnt have specific ocx files needed
    - If you have more dork list, just add your dork to dorklist.txt and reload dorktools

    Solution :
    plz download OCX files shown in runtime eror to make software work
  2. Im confused lol. Is this just a google searcher, or does it have something specificly to do with SQL injections?
  3. can we have some more information about this software? how it can make our life easier?
  4. thank you for this useful tool
  5. cool tool man
    i wish it can auto save rather than manually, so we can scrap google results ;)
  6. hey

    Lol i like this one.Thanks
  7. if all this does is search google in a command line like interface there is a site that does the exact same is
  8. what is the password on the file
  9. beaker123

    beaker123 BHS King Kong Staff Member

    thread was started last year m8, not sure the pass will be easy to find
  10. merci....................

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