FB Autolike Script - Free Giveaway

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  1. FB Autolike Script - Free Giveaway
    This is 100% free & working, no registration, the complete script without limitations

    Install and Instructions :
    Sorry you need to register/login to see this BBcode !
    Sorry you need to register/login to see this BBcode !
    With autolike you can force every visitor of your website to recommend your site over facebook to his friends. It basically makes every user that has facebook click "LIKE" for your advertising website. This will create massive traffic and backlinks for your product / page.
  2. hmmm this will be usefull for my service website. i always looking for these kind of little tweaks and bells and whistles to use.
  3. is it possible to get somehow that script that is set as reference?
    since with this free-method you are tied to them.
    anyone got the stand-alone version?
  4. very nice info mate .it gives me a killer idea ....
    i know how you did this ......
    i just have to modify this method to suite my needs
    thanks for reminding me abt this
    i am thinking of making the script as your's - beautiful stuff mate and whenever i am done i will show a demo of what i have made
    very well done
    Ninja Style
  5. Mr.P

    Mr.P Capo Di Tuti Capi

    Okay, I installed the code, and here's what is happening:

    1. If I'm logged out of facebook it will open new window and ask me to login
    1.1. After I Login NOTHING happens, no post, no link shared nothing...

    2.If I'm logged in in facebook, it will do absolutely nothing ... AGAIN

    Could you please show working examples, as I can't say this is actually working ...

    Thank you in advance
  6. Can anybody verify that this is actually working? Because if it is not i will delete this thread and give an infraction/ban to the op!
  7. Not working anymore ; FB patched that hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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