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  1. everyone please stop posting small "thank you" posts just to increase your post count. this just makes the forum spammy and you should work on making this forum the best forum ever by contributing.
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  2. Anyone has the latest import services? . This one has many failed registration and submission errors
  3. Yey! The link is down... Any great persons out there that would like a blessing because they uploaded it back online???
    I have plenty of blessing... well, at least 2, I already spent 1 when TBS were back online yesterday :)
  4. the link is down
    please reupload
  5. link is not working please post new link and mirrors
  6. Here is a link it's my copy with a kick arse keygen.

    keygen Virus scan.
    Sorry you need to register/login to see this BBcode !
    Crack Virus scan.
    Sorry you need to register/login to see this BBcode !
    Download Link.
    Sorry you need to register/login to see this BBcode !
    How to install:

    Magic Submitter Crack Install

    Step 1 : Install Setup.exe 2 and Replace the cracked MagicSubmitter.exe from the zip file with the original MagicSubmitter.exe

    Step 2 : Add the following to windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts www dot magicsubmitter dot com magicsubmitter dot com


    Step 4 : Start Magic Submitter. It will ask u for registration.

    Step 5 : As email use

    theboss@crackedseotools dot com

    and click Generate Install code.

    Step : 6. Copy the generated code by clicking on the small copy icon on the right side

    Step : 7. Start Keygen.exe or Alugen3_6NET.exe from keygen directory.

    Step : 8. Click on the "License Key Generator" tab Beside the Install Code click Field Click onPaste Code.

    Step : 9. Then on the bottom right there is a green button called "Generate" click it. U will be asked to save or not (doesn affect the programm at all). Just choose yes.

    Step : 10. After it click the button copy key under Generate.

    Step : 11. Switch back to magicsubmitter thats still running and Paste code into License Key

    Step : 12. Click Register. ( It should say Registration successful)

    Note after First time Successful Registering, it might say Invaild License inside the software for the first time. Just close the software and start it again. The Error wont come back again

    Step : 13. After Starting Magic submitter again, it will ask for Update. Make it update in order to get the latest v20 database!

    Step : 14. After update it might say "license error etc..", just close it and start magic submitter and you will have Magic submitter fully working!
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  7. Worked like a charm! Thanks a lot! :)
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  8. No Worries mate thanks for the reply ;)
  9. Thanks for the cool share!
  10. file is deleted, link is not working :(
  11. OPs sorry let me check the 2nd link:) thanks anyways
  12. can you post a new link?
  13. Having a problem downloading from upload.to.

    Can we have some new links please?
  14. I tried the installer and keygen and everything seems to work fine..BUT....I can't get the database upgraded.

    It only shows V0. and also it has all my services I had on the previous version.
    I uninstalled the sw before installing the new version but the old services and items keep appearing.

    Do you know how to completely uninstall the sw to have a clean installation and be able to upgrade the DB?

    Btw, if we place the two lines on the hosts file, would the sw still be able to update the database??

  15. New link:
    Sorry you need to register/login to see this BBcode !
    Yeah need to start up MS then go back to your host file and remove: www dot magicsubmitter dot com magicsubmitter dot com

    Then in MS click Check button ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting

    Don't forget to add the 2 links back to the host file.

    Thanks 2012-portal.
  16. Dont know if it was a mistake, but put a / instead of the ] in that URL :)

    Thanks a mil
  17. Ok sorry mate i did not see that ;)

    Here is a video i made for people having trouble installing this.

  18. database update not working.. ugh. installed fine, but its still saying v.0 after three updatre tries
  19. Hi please read the #75 post.

    Thanks 2012-portal.
  20. what's the software used for?

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