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    This is Traffic generation bots which i use almost daily to drive real human traffic to my website for free! This bot will bring you tons of human visitors to your website at no cost. It is a bot for traffup.net.Tons of Human Visitors Tons of Free Traffic, Twitter Follows.

    Traffup.net like youlikehits is traffic exchange system where you earn points for visiting other peoples websites and where you give away points to other people if they visit your website.
    In a nutshell: You get visitors to your website as long as you have enough points. You earn these points by visiting other websites.

    What does the bot do?
    This useful bot does the whole job for you. It visits other websites automatically so that you generate a shit load of points automatically. These points will then be used to send other people to your website. So as long as you run the bot you will never run out of traffic!!!
    You can also use your points to get twitter followers or retweets instead of website traffic.

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