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  1. Website Booster Bot - by imseobots.com



    - Insert the URL you want to boost in the “Target 1st URL†field. e.g. “ht tp://imseobots.com†(without the quotes)

    - In the “Target 2nd URL (internal URL) field you can insert a category you want the bot to bounce off to. e.g. “ht tp://imseobots.com/portfolio†– (That means that the bot will go and click randomly somewhere within that category for example Website Booster Bot – Free | imseobots)

    - Load a proxy list button lets you choose a txt file with the proxy list – The bot will use these proxies to visit the URLs you specified in the previous fields. The txt file has to look like this:…

    - Visits per Proxy – In this field you have to enter how many times you will visit the 1st URL with any given working proxy. (this will work for your returning visitors vs. new visitors in your G Analytics account, as well as unique visitors vs. pageviews)

    - Total visits to URL: Enter the number you want the bot to automaticaly visit the URL you input in the 1st field.

    - Minimum Wait field is default 20 seconds. That means that the Website Booster Bot will stay at least for 20 seconds per visit / per proxy. You can put whatever you want here, in seconds though.

    - Maximum Wait field – same as with minimum. CAUTION: Do not put a number that is bellow your minimum wait time here.


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    *** the 1 trojan VT gives always comes up with exe files compiled with Ubot Studio.


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  2. i would appreciate some feedback if you used the software people!
  3. That's work to increase youtube video views ?
  4. Will give this a whirl and see what it can do thanks for sharing.
  5. Trial version?
  6. This is NOT working for google analytics + you should add a live stat showing how many proxies have visited "successfully"
  7. is this works with google analytics? any reviews?
  8. will this work with hide my ass proxies ?
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    Its an old ass thread m8, I wouldnt expect the OP to reply. Feb 2012
  10. I just downloaded it and will let u kno!!!

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