How Many Private Proxies ?

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  1. For those of you using private proxies, how many do you need to buy to be able to use ScrapeBox effectively ?
  2. There's not really a set number that you need, but the more you have the better the experience will be.

    I use 10 proxies from and I'll take whatever is available from that days Proxy List from I usually end with with a few hundred decent ones.

    It's not as good as having, say, 100 private proxies, but it's enough to get by on and get a decent amount of posts through.

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  3. I am also renting 10 (+2 free) private proxies from anonymousproxies, so its great to hear that this is about right.

    I have not used hidemyass before and will check this resource out.
  4. price

    who has the the best price scrapebox for proxies?
  5. I Looked around for ages and the best deal I could find was at:

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    At the time of writing its $23.80 for 12 private proxies (you get 2 free when ordering 10).

    You can view all of the available proxies in a shopping cart, pick the ones you want, and they are ready to use within 2 hours.

    I have been using the company for about 3 months now and haven't had any major problems, although the support team can take anything from a few hours to a whole day to get back to you.
  6. I hope I'm not redirecting the flow of this topic, but who needs private proxies anyways? I seem to get around with a big list of free ones at a number of threads and I get quick results. Anybody else use free public proxies?
  7. This site:
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    has been sold on flippa lately, they said they made 10k a month, so I guess the service is not so bad.

    0.75 x private proxy. 0.42 x shared proxy

    and just, a lot of the free public proxies are honey pots, be careful what you do with them, for linking and stuff like that is ok but for real illegal stuff could be dangerous.
  8. thx , is good
  9. I use around 15 private proxies, i want to make a large google scrape and get around 15k and use that all a month.
  10. I think 10 proxies are enough. (I'am still using free proxies Ninja Hide)
  11. Some days ago i scraped some public proxy lists and made a good-proxy list. Since then it has been slowly dying out, from the 2 hundred plus to a paltry 10 working ones (yesterday, haven't checked today). That's the problem with public proxies, you spend time managing your proxies, meanwhile private-proxies are cared for and you can focus on other more important things. Just another application of the time x money principle.

    On the question, I would say I would be happy with 10 private proxies, but depends on the task at hand, and the quality of the proxies.
  12. I made a scrapper to build a list of 12k proxies from free websites, and after testing all i only got about 150 ELITE proxies, some more transparent. Is not easy to find good proxies for free.
  13. Ok can someone say whats difference between elite and Transparent?
    How do i know what proxy is good and whats bad?
    I tak proxies from websites, around 1000 then test them and keep only OK proxies, but they get bad soon so i need to check them after each use of program.

    Does private proxies get bad too?
  14. If private proxy dies it get replaced. With transparent proxy website can get your real ip if it wants, with elite it can't.
  15. Hello. I used successfully free proxy servers harvested from SB .I use SB to post about 3000 comments a week for my 3 websites.I harvest and check all proxyes before sending comments .
    Is this safely or i need private proxyes?? (i have many backlinks indexed already)
  16. Elite proxies hide your online identity 100%, but if for example you visit my website with a transparent proxy, I still can see your real iP.

    And some proxies gets "bad" soon because they are just computers connected to the internet, sometimes home/office computers, so as long as that computer is on and connected to the internet the proxy will work, others change the port every X minutes. Private proxies shouldn't stop working as long as you pay for the service or maintain the proxy if you control it.
  17. Im new to scrapebox, am i right in saying that if I just use scrapebox to find sites to post to then post manualy I will not need proxies
  18. it will still be good to use proxies as your ip would be labeled as spam.
  19. so I may just as well use scrapebox to post. Thanks

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