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  1. This forum helped me so much, i will post my methods for return... :)

    This is very simple and unique method to get unlimited facebook likes on almost everything except pages. This means you can get how many likes you want on ARTICLES on your website. This is tested and it is working on almost every site that i've tryed (this doesn't work on main pages and redirect sites).

    So here is what you'll need to do.

    1. Make fake facebook account. You don't need to have anything on it. Just empty profile.

    2. Go to your website's article, get the url and pate it to the fake profile. This will bring you 1 like. Click "Wall" on your profile, and paste it again. Click "wall" and paste it again. (on every 6-7 posts, delete all of them).

    3. Go to your article and see how many likes you have.

    How to make money with this?

    Well think about how can you make money on freelancer or fiverr, the choice is yours :) You think about monetizing it.

    I hope this will help you :) Hit thanks if useful...
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  2. Did anyone saw this?
  3. I understand nothing ! Help
  4. I understand nothing ! Help​
  5. OP says to create a false facebook profile and post 6-7 times your website article. Then delete the facebook posts, still you can see likes on your website article. I really doubt if you can use this method to outsource as you would get caught. Moreover, I believe SEO benefit would be minimized as Google can easily make out the likes really do not exist/all likes come from a single fb profile.
  6. Google doesn't have access to the people who liked the certain page if you put the like button to show only numbers. Also google doesn't have access to the profiles which have edited their privacy (only friends can see what they post/like/comment etc). For example if i put "Only friends can see this" to everything on my facebook profile, google can't access to anything.

    For every article on my money sites, i'm making around 20 likes per month (to look natural). The results are awesome for huge keywords.
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    More to the point. This method can not work as crawlers don't index links coming from your site, they index links to your site. The only thing this method manipulates is your on site social media plugin.
    People having FB settings set to private doesn't really matter either. As like any links all roads lead to Rome, meaning. Your personal details might be private but your messages and postings are not. They are posted on all your contacts pages and walls. And the fact that all FB pages are connected gives the crawler open access to pretty much what everyone posts.
    In short Google needs to find the link on the referral site before it will give credit to the source site.
    Simple SEO if you ask me.
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    :) guys... have you seen the last sentence in the OP post? :) This is NOT for SEO!!! Only to get the number near your "like" button to increase A LOT and then people that will see your profile in sites like fiverr or freelancer will think that you and your services are the greatest on the planet :) ...then you can MAKE MONEY! this has nothing to do with SEO, GOOGLE or crowlers :)... c'mon people, think out of the box, if this is working you can really make your listing on some social site that has facebook like button go viral! :)
  9. Duhhh people. expertvision is absolutely correct. Put some 'curves" in your thinking. it has nothing to do with SEO

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